More Stash? Yes, More Stash…LOL

In Stash on November 26, 2004 at 11:11 pm
Stash - Peruvian Pure Alpaca 

More of the Peruvian offerings from Elann…this one is the pure Alpaca. I had been returning again and again to the pure Alpaca shirt on Elann in their free pattern offerings and just couldn’t resist any longer! This project will be just gorgeous when it’s completed…and as for my stash, bear with me…I need to get all these photos up on my blog to remind me of the projects I have to get to…I find visualization to be a wonderful tool in helping to beat those procrastination blues (no pun intended with the yarn being blue LOL). When I see it, I am more likely to want to work on it, otherwise, it can get buried deep in my memory banks… With these postings, I am noticing a distinct trend in my colour choices…all of these colours are very visceral for me! Is it possible to “feel” colours? Sure seems it is possible…after all, everything and all things are intertwined with each other.


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