Knit vs. Purl – Opposites?

In Miscellaneous on November 28, 2004 at 1:10 pm

As I’m working on Nina today, I reached the armholes and have had to change from working in the round to straight knitting. Straight knitting is slightly different from working in the round as now I have to purl the WS instead of knit it like I did in the round. Well, that got me to thinking about knits and purls…they produce the same result in knitting yet they are opposite stitches. What else in life can be opposite yet intersect at the same result? I am well aware that I do things distinctly differently from a dear friend of mine but we manage to arrive at the same result in our lives. How is that so? Opposites should be different shouldn’t they? Well, knitting just answered that question…you can produce the same results with different techniques! How wonderful for life…it’s what makes our experience of life so distinct yet so the same… In knitting, we all have different ways of knitting, different needles, different tensions, different yarns but in the end, we all still produce something the same…something creative!!


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