Crochet Scarf – Everyone Likes It?!?!

In FOs on December 1, 2004 at 1:00 am
Crochet Scarf

Have you ever had some leftover yarn and thought, hmmmm, what should I do with this yarn? Well, I had one of those moments when I crocheted together this scarf made from a verigated and solid coloured acrylic yarn. After I made it, I thought, great, that was fun and easy and only took me about 6 hours to make…now, who can I give it to? I decided to send it to my Mom who loves to wear burgundies and wine colours. To make a long story short, since she’s been wearing it, she’s been getting nothing but compliments! She has ladies asking her HOW was that made and almost pulling it right off her neck to look at the stitches…LOL! What surprises me the most is that I really didn’t expect that sort of response from this scarf…in fact, I was almost embarassed having just “thrown it together” and in so little time too…LOL!

  1. I think that the projects that we whip up quickly are sometimes the ones that get the most noticed. Love that scarf!

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