Knitting Surroundings

In Miscellaneous on December 1, 2004 at 12:22 am

Knitting Nina tonight, I flipped one of my favourite CDs into the CD player and had to wonder…what surroundings do knitters prefer when knitting? If I like to listen to upbeat music while knitting, do other knitters set up their environments to be conducive to knitting too? I sometimes like to have the TV on low in the background playing either a movie or the news or a program that I can listen to and not necessarily have to watch and other times I like to have music playing so I can get caught up in the music while I’m knitting. Do you have a preference about your surroundings when you knit or do you just knit wherever and whenever and it doesn’t matter??

  1. I set my knit “environment” to the project at hand. I either knit in meditative silence, or play very soft inspirational music, Enya etc. I find if I listen to the news or upbeat music, I knit faster, but my stitches start to get tight. When things are meditative, I have even, perfect stiches every time.

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