Nina’s Going On Sabbatical LOL

In WIP - Nina on December 14, 2004 at 12:07 pm

Well, it looks like I will be short at least one skein for Nina so that puts me into a bit of a quandary since I am going away for Christmas holidays next week and would’ve liked to have tracked down more yarn before then. But since my time is limited, I decided, no need to fret when you have other projects lieing in wait…so with that in mind, I’m going to put Nina on a sabbatical until the new year…LOL In the meantime, I am going to cast on and start Anya from the same pattern book! Why not? I’m NOT going to let a little running-out-of-yarn (ARGHHHH LOL) frustration get me down!! There’s nothing quite like picking up some new yarn and getting excited about another project!!! I’ve decided to do one size down in Anya as well because Nina ended up being slightly too wide for me…and that way, hopefullyyyyyyyyyyy, I will have extra yarn and won’t run out of it again! If I do, I think I may as well fly to Australia and tell Jo Sharp personally to change their yarn requirements on their patterns…..LOL

  1. Good to know that I could run short on Jo Sharp patterns! Thanks for the head’s up.

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