Klaralund – Pattern Notes

In Knitting FOs on July 27, 2005 at 5:44 pm

I am about to post my FO photo of Klaralund but wanted to get my notes to the pattern down first. So here we go: (1) used size 10 Denise Interchangeable needles; (2) used 9.25 skeins; (3) used Silk Garden Colourway #201; (4) did not close back “V” as it’s more flattering open and the sweater is now reversible without the V closed; (5) steam blocked; (6) mattress stitched seams; (7) used acrylic yarn to sew seams as the Silk Garden easily split when pulled too hard; and, (8) flipped the body pieces and put the bottom at the top and the top at the bottom as long tail cast-on did not allow enough give to go around the waistline. I am definitely going to look into another way of casting on that’s more springy…luckily I was able to flip the body pieces on this sweater but it’s not going to be possible on most patterns. A very enjoyable knitting experience. I will do it again…it was quick and easy!

  1. Roxanne:

    Fantastic job on the sweater! It looks so fabulous that I think I might just have to make myself one =) I also enjoyed reading about how you approached the pattern — good information. I do have one question, though. How do you steam block? Is it easier than wet blocking?

    As far as the cast-on methods are concerned, you may want to check out the info. at http://www.knittinghelp.com. I was having a tough time finding a good cast-on method for the Ribby Cardi, but was able to find one on this site that worked beautifully.


  2. Hi Josephine…thanks for the comment about my Klaralund… As for steam blocking, it’s pretty easy…check this out on Knitty.com for great tips on all kinds of blocking including steam blocking. So far it’s the only method I’ve used but it probably isn’t appropriate for all types of yarn.

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