Audrey – Started & Totally Tubular!

In WIP - Audrey on July 29, 2005 at 12:23 pm
Audrey - Started

I decided on Audrey from Rowan Magazine 35 as my next project… It’s a gorgeous sweater and the Calmer yarn is to die for!! Luscious and lovely to knit with! I did the tubular cast-on too…doesn’t it look lovely? What a pretty edging it makes and it’s stretchy…just what I need around the hips…hee hee! Took awhile to get it but with some tips online and Nancie Wiseman’s book of finishing techniques, I think I got it!

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  2. Roxanne, your work is lovely.
    I’m anxious to read about your experience with the Calmer, as I have some of that in my stash also.
    Re the nubs peeking out of the silk garden (Noro’s Silk Garden, correct?), I believe that the tension isn’t all that consistent and the yarns are not that tight in the spinning process, when they are joining the plys, and that is what caused the little nubs. I’ve knit a sweater with the Silk Garden, stranding it with a mohair to soften up some of the striping tendencies of the hand dyed SG, and then wove a length of fabric using the SG, Mohair and some Jaeger Maine Line Merino wool to make a skirt to go with. The silk garden had some very vulnerable places where it tended to break in my loom – not a great weaving yarn at all. Anyway, point is, be glad that you left the nubs alone, as I really think that removing them would have left you with a very vulnerable weak spot in your sweater that would be susceptible to becoming a hole.
    I also love the layout of your blog. I would be embarrassed even to myself to have to catalogue the extent of my WIP and my stash. Your stash looks very manageable and you have some gorgeous yarns.

    Marjorie aka marji-in-tc from KR.

  3. It’s a very lovely color. Sigh – I want to start my Audrey, too. I need to finish up a few WIPs first. Mine will be in Amour (red).

  4. I love ‘Audrey’ and have linked you so that I can keep an eye on its progress, I love your very pink looking blog:)

  5. Thanks guys! Amour…sounds like a lovely colour too!

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