Why WordPress?

In Miscellaneous on October 2, 2005 at 6:52 pm

After receiving my invite to WordPress.com, I really have been soul-searching on whether or not I want to switch after all the work I put into my Blogger blog. I have decided to switch…for many of the following reasons…and it’s because Blogger does not offer these options:

  • Search function – makes it so much easier to find something on my blog without going anywhere to search it.
  • Categories – makes it so much easier to keep track of all my projects and all the different knitting/crocheting I do and it also makes it that much easier for my readers to find information too.
  • Pages – makes it so much easier to keep track of historical information or to just keep track of information that needs highlighting on my blog and my readers should appreciate being able to find information with a click of their mouse.
  • Some of the features that made me really consider staying with Blogger are:

  • No HTML allowed – I can’t get access to my index.html file to tweak the look of my blog nor can I add any HTML features such as Sitemeter to my blog.
  • Graphics – I can’t get access to tweaking my blog format at all.
  • But with those two drawbacks, it’s not worth giving up the powerfulness of categories, searching nor the ability to keep my information more organized. WordPress is in the development stages so I’m hoping some of the things I’m missing may eventually show up…if not, I’m happy with the templates they have provided for us to default to. It’d be as easy as just adding more template choices and the blog format wouldn’t even be an issue. But then again, for free, how can I complain?

    1. See, I’m debating about switching to another blogging program. Ho hum. It will be a pain to move everything though. :/

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