Baby in Red…edged with Pink…

In FOs on October 6, 2005 at 11:56 am

I think this jacket is my favourite of all the 5 that I’ve completed recently. Not only for its colour but also the edgings and the buttons.

Baby Jacket - FrontI also seamed it together by joining the two pieces with a single crochet….so much easier than trying to sew it together and the effect is an interesting one too because it creates an edging under the arms and along the side seams.

Don’t you just love those buttons? When I found them, they said “Zen” to me and I couldn’t resist!

Baby Jacket - Close-upHow cute this jacket would be with a pair of pink or red baby pants…on a little girl!

I’m quite excited to experiment with a few more edgings too…this one is very feminine but I hope to find something more masculine for a little boy too.

Want to see the five baby jackets I’ve crocheted so far? Go ahead and click here! Want to see the photos in my post larger? Just click on them!

Onto the booties now….

  1. I love this little sweater, you did a wonderful job on it !! My stepdaughter is having a baby girl in Dec & you have inspired me to make the baby a couple of these.

  2. Beautiful sweater, and I like your flick’r.
    When one of my best friends from childhood was expecting I had someone crochet baby outfits as a gift.
    When you give a sweater like yours as a gift you are more or less creating a family heirloom.
    My mother had talented fingers as does my daughter.
    My grandmother told me it’s not that I lack talent just the enormous patience required.
    Speaking of talent.
    I just got started here.
    Could I ask how you got those pics to serve as links to your photo page?
    I uploaded some pics here but kept getting an error on page message.
    Looking forward to visiting again.

  3. aww… it’s SOOO CUTE!!! My brother is also having a child in December 🙂

  4. That is simply beautiful ! Great job !

  5. I love it!! Did you use pattern? or did you create this lovely sweater?? I friend is having a baby in December and this would be perfect. I understand if you aren’t giving out a pattern.

  6. It looks great, you did a very good job, and I like the idea of the under-arm edging.

  7. Thanks everyone…sure do appreciate your kind comments! I did use a pattern but I changed it quite a bit and did my own style of seams and edgings to add a bit of flare to the jacket.

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