Funny Meme

In Miscellaneous on October 12, 2005 at 11:21 pm

Compliments of Amelia, Google the following: “[Your Name] needs” and pick up the first 5-6 that are the best.

Apparently, this is what I need:

  • a man,
  • local real estate information,
  • moderators,
  • to move back into the action stage of change,
  • to be isolated, and,
  • your help.

Well, okay, but I just got married (no man needed there) and I just looked at show homes so I did already pick up some local real estate information. As for moderators, I think my blog is pretty tame unless I need to have my yarn *porn* moderated…LOL

I’ve had my fill of change so going back into the action stage of change isn’t quite for me right now…I think moving clear across the country, getting married and settling into a new city is quite enough for this girl for awhile….LOL

Isolated? I already spend quite a bit of time at home on my own so that one is covered too…

Anyone have any help to offer?? LOL


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