From Hanks to Cakes…

In Tools on October 24, 2005 at 7:05 am

Yarn CakeOh, what fun!! Once I got used to handling the hanks, the cakes came out fairly quickly! I don’t have a swift so I had to be ingenous and hold the yarn right so it would be easy to wind. It took a few tries and I did get a few yarn twistings but in the end, it worked out great! One advantage to winding these hanks is if you run into a yarn knot where the distributor has knotted the yarn together in the hank, you can easily just cut it and start a new “cake” instead of worrying about it when knitting. That’s such a great bonus that’s for sure…hateeeeeeeeeeeee running into knots in the yarn when knitting!  It’s also a great space saver…cakes are more compact than hanks that’s for sure!!

  1. dont you just love it! My winder is my best inanimate friend!

  2. Ha! I love my winder and wasnt allowed to come home from Stitches East without a swift, per the hubby LOL

    Arent they fun?

  3. i am totally hoping that some kind family member (or fella) hooks me up with a ball winder/swift combo for christmas or my birthday! i want to have little stackable cakes of yarn, too!!!

  4. My winder is so wonderful! Who knew these little yarn cakes would be so much fun??!!! And they are so much easier to handle too…the centre-pull ball doesn’t flip and flop around when you’re knitting from it and I like that I can get to the knots in the yarn before I’m knitting, cut them out and just wind another ball from where the knot was. I think I’m going to be addicted to winding yarn now…even the yarn that comes in skeins already…..LOL!

  5. I hate those knots too!

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