Pretty Hanks make Pretty Cakes…

In Stash, Tools on October 28, 2005 at 9:14 am

Fleece Artist CakeI wound up some Fleece Artist yarn I had in hanks and oh my, pretty hanks really do make pretty cakes!!! I think I’ll just wind up all my hanks to see just how pretty they will be!! You can tell this yarn is wonderful in the hanks but look how nice it is in a cake!!

Can you tell I’m having fun with my new toy??!! 🙂 Seriously, only a knitter would get excited over a little yarn cake…my DH didn’t find it that amusing!! LOL

  1. Ohhhh…I’m so envious! I want one, too! Those cakes are gorgeous!

  2. Wow…that yarn is gorgeous!! I was searching for a warm mitten pattern and found one that mentioned using fleece yarn as a liner. Being fairly new to this craft, I had not seen it in Joann’s or Michael’s. Where did you find it?

  3. Hi Leona…actually, it’s Fleece Artist yarn not fleece yarn so it won’t serve the purposes you are after. I’m not even sure where to find fleece yarn either…might search online? Good luck!

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