In WIP - Other Knitting on November 4, 2005 at 2:00 pm

Wavy ScarfI’m so excited to post a bit of knitting for a change! I started the Wavy Scarf last night with my Fleece Artist yarn cake and it’s lovely!! Even though knit and crochet are both fiber arts, I sure do find them to be a little different and to be honest, I missed knitting a lot! Don’t get me wrong, I love crochet too but there’s something about two sticks clicking together that make knitting way cool! As you can see, I’m not using circular needles either…which I haven’t done for a long time…so I broke out my Brittany Birch straight needles and started a clickin’! I am on round 2 of the pattern and there’s 8 more to go…should be able to finish this soon. Thanks for a lovely pattern Knitty.com!

  1. sooo pretty! I love the colorway!

  2. Lovely scarf. And great blog. Thanks for adding yourself to the “Crazy for Knitting” Frappr map, and letting me know where you discuss your projects!

  3. that is very pretty! You picked a great colorway!

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