How to Knit the Wrong Sweater 101

In WIP - Rugged Soft Sweater on November 15, 2005 at 9:41 pm

Oh my…I should’ve known this sweater would not be me! Here’s some tips on how to know if you’re making the wrong sweater for yourself:

  • the yarn colour is not quite you but you buy it anyways;
  • you buy the yarn on sale despite it not being quite your colour;
  • you buy a pattern book with a specific pattern in mind (not the one you knit), leaf through it and get this great idea that another sweater would be wonderful when in actuality it’s nowhere near your style;
  • you keep telling yourself while knitting the sweater that it will work out just fine and that the colour really will be okay and will be you;
  • you decide on a pattern when you’re really stressed out with other things in your life;
  • you ignore the inner voice that keeps telling you “that’s not going to suit you stupid”;
  • you let the knitted pieces sit forever before you ever think about seaming them up (last time I touched this sweater was May and it’s now November!);
  • you forget that there’s a website called “You Knit What??” that will gladly take your sweater as a submission if it’s hideous enough; and,
  • you convince yourself you’re such an amazing knitter that you will overcome all and triumph anyways.

Chunky Knit SweaterIf you find yourself nodding your head to any of the above points to anything you’re knitting, STOP NOW and go back… STOP NOW and re-think it… STOP NOW and change your pattern and change your yarn colour!!

It will not turn out as you like… I’m telling you it won’t… I’m speaking from experience!

Talk about lessons learned on this knit…

  • DO NOT choose a coloured yarn that doesn’t appeal to you; and,
  • DO NOT choose a pattern style that does not suit you!

Words to live by that’s for sure! Oh well, I’m trashing this knit and will move on to something else… If you really want to see the WIP photos for this one, go ahead and click here if you dare.

  1. Actually, I love the color. Can’t see too much detail on the sweater itself, but I think I like it.

  2. I agree, it is a pretty color.. but I can see that is one of those colors that won’t look good on everyone. I’m sorry it didn’t turn out as you hoped! 😦

  3. it’s cute! i say turn it in to a tank top or something… because it would look cute underneath a sweater (like a twinset). will it be too hard to rip off the other sleeve?

  4. I try NOT to live by those rules, but I usually cave in on the second point: wherevere there’s a sale, my brain and judgement goes out the window. You don’t know anyone who would look good in that colour? Maybe you could give them the sweater? Better than frogging perhaps, especially since you thought the colour doesn’t suit you anyway.

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