Patrick the Puppy

In Amigurumi on December 18, 2005 at 4:27 pm

Another attempt at a horse and I end up with a puppy!! Too funny…that’s two tries now…maybe I should re-think doing a horse… šŸ˜

I like that they both turned into something even if it wasn’t really what I intended originally. Lots of fun to make too!

He’s for sale at my Etsy shop and there’s more views of him there too. Click here.

Priscilla is also for sale at my Etsy shop.

  1. That is just the cutest!!!

  2. Hi — we saw you on the spinning group — and I just had to check out your stuff — I can say you are going to have a ball (no pun) spinning up your own stuff. If I can help enable you in any way, just ask — we have a newsletter that may help you along. But I wanted to comment on your horsing around :o)

    Your moose could be adapted to a horse — his face is nearly right — can you make his ears pointy and his cranium (the big part in back) a little thinner? I think you’d have a horse to brag about then! Look at your moose and think about it.

    Question: how much yarn (ounces, yards?) does it take to make a moose? You could probably do well with kits for spinners. And how big are they in the finished product?

    I don’t just mean the moose, I mean the puppy, the penguin, the scary-doll, etc. They are way cool.

    jeanne of http://www.simplemarketfarms.com
    from wool to wear

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