Handpainted Sock Yarn RUSTIC ROSE

In Dyeing on December 27, 2005 at 12:19 pm

Handpainted Rustic RoseHere’s my second attempt at dyeing with Gaywool dyes…love how this turned out! It was a bit of an experiment… put the yarn into the canning pot and sprinkled colour all over the yarn and when it was “cooking” I was a bit worried as the water went brown… yuck I thought… then I pulled it out and rinsed it off and these lovely pinks came out… wow!

I had no idea what to name it either…showed it to my DH and he said “Rustic Rose”…love it!

Unlike the other one, this one will be variegated instead of striped.

For sale at my Etsy shop. Click here.

  1. Wow, is that gorgeous. I’d buy it in a minute, but i’m unemployed right now. So for now, i’ll just drool over it………sssslllluuuuurrrrrpppp!

  2. The rustic rose color is beautiful!

    I just got some Gaywool dye for Christmas and am trying to work up my courage to use it. When I looked at the dye today, I noticed that the expiration date 1/26/05. Will it still be good to use?

    As you can see, I am a complete novice and would appreciate any hints. Is this dye good for painting several colors on a skein? Can I use it in the microwave. Can you come to my house and play and we will dye yarn?

    Keep your beautiful colors coming.

    Karen Dempsey

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