My First Koolaid Dyeing

In Dyeing, Koolaid on December 30, 2005 at 12:32 pm

Koolaid DyeingKoolaid is so much fun! This skein is my first using Koolaid.

To achieve the colours, I soaked the sock yarn in a mixture of water and vinegar (just a glug) which really helped the wool to take up the colours of the Koolaid when I did apply the colours to the yarn. I mixed one packet each of Koolaid (cherry, strawberry, grape, ice blue & a surprise colour which turned out to be light green) with 1/4 cup of water and applied the colours to the yarn using a turkey baster. Following that, I put the yarn into a microwave-safe container and nuked it in the microwave on 2 minute intervals: 2 minutes on high, let sit for 2 minutes and then a final 2 minutes on high and let cool. Once it’s cool, I rinsed it off in warm water and was quite pleased to see that the water ran clear very quickly!

I think I may prefer Koolaid too… when you’re dyeing and “cooking” the yarn you’re greeted with a sweet fragrance in the air instead of your house smelling like a lab like it does when you use commercial dyes like Gaywool. And, of course, the yarn smells pretty following too…not so much rinsing in liquid soap to get the smell out. I don’t know about you but I really prefer yarn that smells pretty to yarn that smells like vinegar which is pretty common when you get handdyed commercial yarns. I make sure all my skeins smell pretty before I twist them into their final product.

Oh yes, why the name I chose of LIDO SUNRISE? Well, when I was on my honeymoon in Jamaica, we stayed at a resort named Grand Lido and every morning we were greeted with these lovely colours…from the icey blue of the water to the bright reds of the flowers and the sunshine…it was breathtaking!

Click on the image to see larger.

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  1. Oh, you are killing me, it’s gorgeous!!! I have an interview next week. Hopefully i’ll be employed, and your loyal customer!! Drool…….slurp….

  2. It looks great, you have quite an eye. I love kool aid dye as well. If you want to try a wool dye again though, try Cushing’s acid dyes. They don’t have a smell to them at all really, but come in a huge range of colors. You do use a little ‘glug’ of vinegar just like kool aid but I have never noticed a smell after a light washing. They come on a little packet like Kool-aid as well, and are a bit cheaper then other dyes too.

  3. Hmmm. You used size 10 for your Klaralund?
    I just started knitting on the 8’s like the pattern recommended. Did you need to switch to size 10 to get gauge?

  4. Thanks Sherry! I think it may be the vinegar I’m smelling or the acid that’s in Gaywool…not really the dyes. It seems to be fine once they are lightly washed in liquid soap. I’m a bit sensitive to acid smells because it reminds me of all those Organic Chemistry experiments I did where I ended up with headaches…we never had to wear masks…so silly!

    Krista…I used size 10 for my Klaralund because I’m a really tight knitter. Size 8 may be fine for everyone else….and it wasn’t until I did the whole back piece that I realized my gauge was off…silly me, I don’t like doing swatches!!! 😐

  5. your yarn is coming out WONDERFUL! I might have to give that a try one of these days. Great name… might have to pick up a hank or two if you are selling these over at Etsy.

  6. They’re all beautiful! I have two thrift-store skeins of Briggs & Little yarn in cream that are begging to be dyed. I read a few tutorials, Eunny’s included, and I want to try so bad but I’m nervous. Just do it, right? For your striping one did you do a swatch and mark the places where you wanted the colour to change or did you just wing it?

  7. All the yarns are just BEAUTIFUL….

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