Goodies Basket – Superwash!

In Dyeing on January 22, 2006 at 3:30 pm

Hello everyone…I’m so pleased to offer you these colourways! Click on the picture to see them larger and to also see what the colourway names are!

Here are their names:

Tuxedo Royale – named after my wedding day! This one is infused with tuxedo blacks and the red/burgundy colours of my bridesmaids! Close to my heart this one is!

Rocky Mountain Green – named after the Rocky Mountains because it is an earthy brown infused with forest greens. Perfect for socks for the guy in your life or if you want to remind yourself of the colours of the forests!

Rubies & Emeralds – named after these gemstones because the blue is like sapphires and the reds remind me of rubies!

Raspberry Chocolate – the red reminds me of raspberry in a background of chocolate brown…yes, it looks that yummy!

Orange Creamsicle – named after the popular frozen treat creamsicle because the yellow is buttery with flecks of orange/peach in it.

Cherries Jubilee – named after the dessert made of cherries and chocolate, this colourway is made of a reds and chocolate browns and looks just that yummy!

Montego Green – named after the oceanic blues and greens found in Montego Bay, Jamaica!

Spicy Licorice – infused with black like licorice with reds/yellows that make this one spicy!

All for sale in my Etsy shop – click here.

  1. no comments on this luscious sock yarn? i think that’s because we were all entranced by the beautiful colorways! i know i was and had to beat a hasty path to the store before you sold out so i couldn’t stop to comment until just now. yum!

  2. hi! are you totally out of sock yarn? I wanted to purchase some for my SP. Let me know.

  3. all the colors are so gorgeous!

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