Another Wheel? Already?!

In Spinning on January 25, 2006 at 2:38 pm

Tee hee…not quite! I opened up my birthday package from my Mom and found this cute little beauty in there too! It is teeny and stands about 4-5 inches tall at the most…she is sitting in my cabinet right now!

Trust a Mom to find something really cute for your birthday! Do my parents know me or what?? LOL

I can’t believe how much it looks like the wheel my Dad found me…too cute!

Thanks Ma and Pa…I’m feeling very “touched” today!! 🙂

  1. Both wheels are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting that you will be getting a big one soon! I will have some hand-dyed roving to you soon as well! And I can tell you some good places to buy more (just what you need!!). I love that little wheel. Could you ask your mom where she bought it as I would love one!! What nice parents! Lisa

  2. I’ve seem these in the Christmas Tree Shops years ago before I even knew what spinning wheels were….A cousin of mine has one too.

    To bad you can’t spin on them.. The flyers don’t work….LOL but they’re sooo cute. I wish I had one myself.

  3. My Mom found this one in an antique shop actually…and said her and my Dad looked at it and *had* to get it for me…love it!  Thanks for the B’Day wishes Lisa….not until Sunday but was nice to get an early gift!

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