Jaeger Stash Enhancement

In Dyeing, Stash on January 30, 2006 at 12:24 pm

I need more yarn like I need a “hole in the head”…gosh, where have I said that before? Oh ya, in reference to *another* hobby…. LOL! The man in the red suit brought these lovely yarns to me this year and I am just getting around to posting about them… 🙂 And funny part is… these yarns are wonderfully delicious but now that I dye my own yarn, hmmmm, I could make my own couldn’t I? LOL!

However, these yarns go with the patterns in my Jaeger pattern books which just makes knitting those patterns a no-brainer… I really hate figuring out yarn substitutions… especially for large projects like sweaters. Speaking of knitting… I gotta pick up my needles, however, I’m dyeing some worsted weight yarn today instead… go figure! When a girl’s addicted, she addicted… there’s no stopping her …LOL!

Oh, one other thing — how many of you think about how to display your yarn stash for pictures? Do you just throw it all in a pile and take a picture or do you think about backdrops, lighting and such? As you can see, I always think about how to set up my yarn… do you too?

And one more thing on yarn and all its loveliness — go check out how the “Spicy Licorice” colourway is knitting up — visit Steph’s Purl Schmurl (cute name) blog here. I really loved the colours when they came out of the dye bath and seeing them knit up is way cool – do you think Steph will give me the yarn back? I kind of want it for myself now… LOL!

As always, click on the pictures to see the *big* view of the yarn!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes as well guys!

  1. Lovely Jaeger-ness. And yes, i do think about how to photograph my yarns. Sometimes they remain in their natural habitat, a tall bookcase cubby, and other times, they are posed on the floor, on the couch or on the kitchen table. I think they like the couch best.

  2. My very first entry on my blog and someone read it. I absolutely love the yarn, sorry you can’t have it back but I will post pictures of it. Thanks…Steph

  3. those yarns look yummy!
    I ususally set up a simple back drop for the yarn and try to have natural lighting so that the colors are as true as possible. The flash does something wierd. I usually go in for some sort of angle on the yarn… if you want to see what I mean go check out this,
    my stash photos….http://www.flickr.com/photos/glitch_nitch/sets/72057594053649161/

  4. Wonderful stash pictures Roxanne – I am having yarn envy… though something just came in the mail last night and I spent all evening feeling and touching and petting the yarn that I bought from you!

    I know I was thinking about a purse from the tropical splash yarn… but now I am thinking of felted clogs!

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