Yarnographer Anyone?!

In Dyeing on February 8, 2006 at 10:25 pm

Shamelessly took that cool word of “yarnographer” from Zib who posted this yarn photo. I surely need to learn how to take pictures of my yarn like Zib does…oh my!! Seriously, how do you take such lovely photos? Just thought I’d share a little yarn p*rn for everyone. Can you believe someone said they don’t like yarn photos?? What the heck?? Click on the photo for more details and while you’re over there, check out her patterns…click on “Garter Belt”…some seriously great ones there!

In other news, the new job is kicking my b*tt with the hours of commuting so I haven’t got to my newly dyed superwash sock yarn, however, I plan to get it into the shop this weekend – it’s all dry and hanging on my banister just waiting to be wrapped! I did more somewhat like the Montego Green pictured, but it’s a wee bit more on the bluish side so I may call it Montego Blue instead. The merino superwash yarn is so lovely to dye with! Stay tuned!

  1. mmmmmm very nice yarn p*rn!

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