Pink Passion Olympic Socks

In Dyeing on March 5, 2006 at 8:32 am

I’d be a wee remiss if I didn’t post Tiffany’s sock progress too! She was one of my very first customers and one of my most loyal customers too…thanks for all your purchases Tiffany! 🙂 She bought one of my favourite colourways – Pink Passion – and like I said in my previous post, since I don’t have my own knitting content to report about, I figured I’d plug progress photos of my yarn colourways..LOL!

Oh, and go visit Tiffany and leave her a comment on her blog too! She has more details on her progress with these socks too.

As always, click on the photos to see them larger and I hope everyone has had a good weekend! My back has gotten so much better that I think I better get knitting myself…although I do have more yarn sitting in my house to dye too…just waiting on more dye colours which should arrive this week…spring colours everyone!

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhh I love the color!! You have too many great colors for my light pocketbook. Keep this colorway written down! I want some when I can.

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