Pastel-ish Colourways!

In Dyeing, Miscellaneous on April 20, 2006 at 9:33 am

After using a slightly different technique that involved diluting the dyes before applying them to the yarn, I came up with some pastel colourways.

Here they are and they are called:

  • Blueberry Punch
  • Marshmallow
  • Salmon River

All are for sale in my Etsy shop today and as always, you can click on the images to see larger!

Why am I posting at this time of the day you ask? Well, it's a longggggggg story that involves walking out of work yesterday because of a boss who likes to scold, raise his voice and intimidate at the office. Myself and our receptionist walked out after he hollered at me yesterday.

I have only been on this job for 2.5 months too and after a change in bosses, here I am! Walking out and revolting against the intimidating behaviour. Wish me luck too…I have no idea where this will go but I sure hope it goes the way it should and he's ousted from the office!

And for all us women who have endured such behaviour from a superior, I feel for all of you! Just ask me how much I was shaking when I left and when I stood my ground when he was hollering at me….yikes! All I can say is thank goodness I have the option to walk out…never have before and if I was in a different position, I would probably have to just endure it and let my health suffer while I was berated at the office. If it wasn't for the two of us deciding to walk out together too, I'm quite sure I'd have never done it either.

  1. Good job!!! I’m proud of you. I’ve had to do that before. It sure isn’t easy. I didn’t get my job back though because no one else was under her so they didn’t understand there was a problem. My ex-husband was very upset, but he was a jerk. 🙂 Can’t wait to finally find that nice guy who isn’t a jerk. Anyway, good job and I will pray the best comes out of this. For now just knit and dye and enjoy this time. Tiff

  2. Oh wow, I am sorry you went through that but proud of you that stood up for yourself. I was in that situation once and i did the same thing. Only I went to HR and filed a formal complaint which you should do. Hang in there. I truly believe these things work out for the best. Also pretty colors!!!!!

  3. You go!!!!!!!!! I am an elementary teacher, and, 25 years ago, on my first job, I had a principal (oops- I almost spelled prick) who used the PA system to berate and scold when I had a class in the room!!!!! Not much I could do without sinking down to his level, but oh my- my health did suffer. All the best!

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