Big Girl Knits – Totally Impressed!

In Pattern Books on April 30, 2006 at 11:46 am

This is but one small sample of what you will find in this pattern book and let me tell you, totally impressed! You can even find yoga pants! Yes, yoga pants…something I would've never dreamt of but they are just so cute! Other things like purses and socks are also in this book and honestly, there's not one pattern I don't like…even the skirts! I'd never dream of a knit skirt for my "big girl" size but you know what? I think I've changed my mind! Kudos to the authors…this is a pattern book well worth waiting for and I hope there's more in the future! Not only am I considering dyeing enough yarn to make one of these projects but I'm having a heckuva time deciding which one to do!!

EDITED:  to add link to their site – Big Girl Knits

  1. Cool! I was going to design a top just like the one in the picture. I guess now I don’t have to! I should go out and buy the book. What size does that Laura Tee go up to?

  2. Hello my swapper!
    I hope to send you yarn goodness in the near future. Have a good day!

  3. Cool!! I have sent for the book!! I am glad it is worth it!!

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