Ice Mint Sock

In Dyeing, Socks on May 7, 2006 at 11:13 am

Yes, it's only one sock, however, I'm so excited to have just finished one that I'm posting it….LOL! I so totally get why everyone loves socks…this is too much fun and what a quick little satisfying project too!

I'm surprised by my yarn…somehow I got some mini stripes and the pooling was little to none too…yay, that's what I wanted!

Yellow is a strange colour too as it doesn't seem to move that much when I do it unless it's mixed with just the right colour…interesting because I think it brightens up your feet…LOL!

To see photo larger, click on it!

  1. Roxanne! That’s one Rockin’ Sock! Love the patterning!
    You cannot develop 2nd Sock Syndrome now….get busy and finish the other one…or which foot will you make do without????

  2. Hey, how’d you know I was already thinking of doing something else??!! LOL This was my “test” sock anyways…and it has errors that you can’t see in the heel turn and the bottom of the sock…OOPS!! But I will do the other one too!

  3. great job for your first one! i’ve been trying to learn to knit (on my own, with little success) so that i might one day be able to make socks. i love the colors! i wish i could pull off yellow, but i have an olive complexion (yellow makes me look ghastly).

  4. Kat…tee hee! Me too on yellow, however, socks are way down on my feet and nowhere near my face….so I’m safe there…LOL 😉

  5. They are great and yes your yarns are great!!! That's why I keep buying them and buying them and buying them and buying them. 🙂

  6. Great job! Who can see the mistakes with your shoes on?

  7. […] A couple more socks from colourways Raspberry Mocha & Ice Mint! It’s just so much fun to watch the yarn unravel when it’s knit and to see just how it’s going to behave. Lindsay knit the Raspberry Mocha one and I did the Ice Mint one. […]

  8. good work.. now on to sock two!

  9. It looks great!

  10. Oh, that is a fabulous sock! I love how the colors striped out on it.

  11. love it love it love it!! you rock

  12. I love the color of your socks they are so pretty!

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