I Fed My Stash!

In Stash on May 10, 2006 at 9:40 am

Wow, I haven't fed my stash in a really long time but on my visit to Romni Wools yesterday, I just couldn't pass up some Manos del Uruguay yarn! These are lovely and I really like the look of the handspun too. I can only aspire to put colours together as nice as they do! Wonderful colour combo!

Not sure what I'll make with these, however, a really cute scarf comes to mind and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully I'll keep it for myself…is everyone else like me? Make something and instantly give it away?? Especially when it's scarves? LOL!

  1. Roxanne: I love Manos del Uruguay! If you’re in to felting at all, it felts absolutely wonderfully!! I combined it with Lamb’s Pride once, a single strand of each held together, and the result was beautiful – gave the bag to my mother for Christmas.

  2. I bet your stash was very happy to be fed!! It is lovely yarn! I love Manos! I always give the things I knit away! The only scarf I have kept for myself is my clapotis. Happy knitting!!

  3. pretty! another fan of Manos here, you should definitely make something to keep for yourself.

  4. Oh those are fabulous yarns & knit & felt beautifully. I'm doing a bag with some.

  5. I'm notorious for knitting a fabulous scarf and then someone says "oh, that's lovely" and then it happens. The feeling where you feel your hands removing it from your neck and you hear yourself saying, "oh here, take it, I can make another one", all without the power to stop it. Yes, I think I understand. That yarn is to die for. No feed stash for me, not until June!

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