One Down, One to Go…Socks That Is :)

In Dyeing, Socks on May 16, 2006 at 2:27 pm

Oh please, don't let me get SSS…LOL! I've heard about it and I don't want to suffer from it… What fun to finish another sock!! Seriously, I'm addicted just like everyone else. I so want to wear these so I will get right onto sock #2 today!

Made from my Tomato Basil colourway in DK weight and if you'd like to see the sock bigger, please click on the photo!

I found the pattern from Knitty.com – called Crusoe…it's a really cool little slip stitch pattern…easy for a beginner!

Anyone have any suggestions on how to close the toe so it doesn't have holes when stretched? I did get a wee hole at the ankle where I picked up the stitches but I think I know how to solve that one…it was only on one side! Yay me…LOL! Now to learn short row heels too…hmmm….okay, one thing at a time….SSS I must overcome first…LOL!

  1. What a lovely color! That is a good looking sock! Happy knitting!!

  2. Cast on right. now. No hesitation. Hesitation leads to SSS ;o)

  3. You see, now that’s a really nice pattern, and it looks easy to take on. 🙂

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