Cherry Bomb – Casted On!

In WIP - Cherry Bomb on May 18, 2006 at 12:43 pm

Wow, I actually decided to cast on for a garment! It's been so long but it feels great to get the needles going again for such a project. I think the last garment I did was Klaralund and that was last summer so it has definitely been toooo long!!

I had no idea what yarn to use for this project but looking in my stash, wheee, I found some merino style by Knitpicks. Looking forward to watching this one come together and if I work fast enough, I could probably wear it this summer!

Pattern is from the Big Girl Knits pattern book. Love this book!

  1. Is that Hollyberry in the Merino Style? I LOVE that shade, it’s my Queen of Hearts shawl yarn….you will love the feel of it as you knit! And the color is gorgeous. I like your choice of pattern and whooohoo-knit something Just for YOU!

  2. Looks like it will be great!!! Can’t wait to see your progress. It’s about time you got back into making a garment!!! A year is just too long. Although I’ve never made one but I’ve only been knitting for a little over a year. I just started one though, well actually two but I put aside the wool jacket for pivolcio (sp?). Anyway, great choice and keep us updated.

  3. Thats a very pretty shade of red. I haven’t started a sweater yet even though I keep telling myself I will…I can’t wait to see your progress!!! 😀

  4. I love the Cherry Bomb. I am looking for just the right yarn to make it.

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