Off It Goes…Ice Blue!

In Dyeing on May 29, 2006 at 2:55 pm

I finished my dye-o-rama buddy's yarn and off into the mail it goes today! It was an interesting dye this time as I don't usually do one colour or graduations in colour so I really had to think about it a little…LOL My buddy's tastes are quite specific so I hope she likes her yarn! It was nice to step out of the box a little too…doing one colour was a fun little challenge for me!

Click on the photo to see larger!

  1. What a lucky person! Its beautiful!

  2. It’s gorgeous, perfect blues – THAT’s what I’m talking about for the colorway I asked you about! Just wonderful and I hope you’ll be carrying that routinely? She’s one lucky pal!

  3. Oh, that is lovely! I’m sure your pal will be thrilled! It’s nice to have someone push you outside of your usual color sense. My pal did, and I liked her color so much I dyed some for myself!

  4. Just beautiful! Your pal is a lucky knitter!!!

  5. Wow – it’s very pretty! Great shades of blue!!

  6. those are great shades of blue!

  7. It’s awesome! I love gradations of color, and you pulled it off beautifully!

  8. I love blues! so pretty! you did a great job…as always 😉

  9. What a gorgeous dye job! I’m sure the recipient will love it, I know I would!

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