Happy Anniversary (to me)!

In Miscellaneous on June 4, 2006 at 7:58 am

One year ago today I married my sweetheart! And funny story – we met online, were friends online for a good 4 years and finally got together after I broke up with a guy who was so bad for me…it was the best thing I ever did! For all of you who are in bad relationships and are afraid to leave, don't be – there's something way better on the other side! After a year married, I know I made the right decision…he is truly the right guy for me and we are closer than we were on the day we married!

Don't I look happy in my dress…it really was a wonderful day! Wish we could wear wedding dresses on more than just our wedding day!! And if you look really close at the picture…that's my hubby tieing my shoe for me (you can sort of see his hand by my shoe)…truly, his kind and generous heart was what won me over! After all, in the end, when we both turn grey and aren't as young as we used to be, a kind and loving heart will perservere! I consider myself very lucky to have found my honey!

Now seriously, can someone please pass a law saying wives are allowed to get all dolled up in their wedding dresses once every year after the wedding!? LOL! 🙂

  1. As long as we can continue to fit in our wedding dresses I don’t think there’s a THING wrong with it! Much much continued best wishes to you and your honey!!! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congrats! Today is my DS' birthday, so you picked an excellent day. BTW, my cousin put on her wedding dress every year on her anniversary. When she was pregnant, she put it on backwards! Have a great, great day.

    Cheers to many many more!

  4. Honey, if you can still fit into your wedding dress in a few years, more power to you! Happy Anniversary! The first two years are the hardest. ;->

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! You look so happy and beautiful in your dress.

  7. You look beautiful! Happy Anniversary :o)

  8. While not precisely your wedding dress, if you want a reason to get a wardrobe of long spiffy dresses, then you might consider joining a historical reenactment society. Then you can dress up every weekend! I’m in the SCA myself, but there are plenty others.


    ps. Happy Anniversary to you!!!

  9. I think being married is the coolest thing ever – and I’ve been at it for 23 years! My sweetie ROCKS! and I can see yours does too! Congratulations, enjoy each other, and keep your individualism alive within your togetherness.

  10. Happy anniversary! I hope your trip is a wonderful relaxing one!

    I posted on your flickr account but I wanted to be sure you saw – knitty is having their calendar contest again, and I seriously think you should consider entering some of your shots that you use for the shop – they are AWESOME!!

    Details here

  11. What a lovely and thoughtful post and SO true…Ive been through my share of jerks in my life and survived to tell about it. Joe (my better half) is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever known. I am lucky to be with him.

    You look beautiful,btw, go on, put your dress on for a romantic dinner au deux….soon.

    Got here via Knitnana, BFN, G

  12. Aww! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Wishing you many many more. 🙂

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