One Down, One to Go!

In Socks on June 24, 2006 at 1:30 pm

Ya, I've said it before concerning socks so I better smarten up and make sure my next post says "Two Down!"…LOL! My little anklet sock turned out so cute…love how the colours did their own little striping thing and of course, I'm a sucker for black and red so love the colours together too!

Onto sock #2 now…and thanks again to my dye-o-rama pal for a wonderful dye job!

Click to see bigger!

  1. Very cute! Love the socks!!!

  2. awesome!! I love them!! but girl….you need to do another lol lol lol lol or just wear long pants so no one sees the mismathced hand knit socks. lol lol lol

  3. You’re so welcome!!! I’m glad you like the mini stripes.

  4. Very cute sock!!!

  5. wow, cool socks!

  6. What a great sock… luv the yarn!

  7. cute sock! i’m still on my 2nd sock after a couple weeks. i should’ve made it an anklet like yours…would’ve saved me some time.

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