When you need a quick fix…

In Crochet, Dyeing, WIP on December 2, 2006 at 10:08 am

Pull out your crochet hook…J to be exact…and crochet up a double-stranded scarf from silk/merino handdyed yarn! Every once in awhile my yarns talk to me and this one did so I pulled it off the “virtual” shelf and started a crochet scarf. It’s going quickly and I will also put a crochet border around it too…love crochet for that!! You can do something very simple and it looks wonderful.

No pooling whatsoever from my handdyed yarns too…YAY!! Click to see bigger!

I am also having a 10% off sale in my stores for leftover yarns – cashmere, silk/merino and sock yarns – check it out:


And tell me, do you crochet for a quick fix too?

  1. Oh that’s just so pretty!!!

  2. I love the yarn!!!

  3. YES, I do! I can whip up something real fast with crochet. The yarn is beautiful, by the way.

  4. Love the colors!!!

  5. I love the yarn… hmm me thinks i need some with a bit of blue… arctic freeze.. umm yum

  6. Crochet! You traitor!

    Just kidding. I’ve just found out that I like the hook too. I think I could get very involved in some granny square making.

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