Blog Highlights for 2006

In Miscellaneous on December 29, 2006 at 9:11 am

Via Margene – a summary of the first sentence of the first post of each blog month for 2006:

January 2006

All the best to everyone in the new year…may it be prosperous, wonderful and full of knitting!

February 2006

I saw this on someone’s blog today and thought it was pretty cool – it analyzes what your most popular words are on your blog.

March 2006

Tee hee…I have no knitting content to report so I’m going to report someone else’s knitting content on my handdyed Montego Blue yarn….

April 2006

Today’s April 1st and it’s the annual “Flash Your Stash” day!!

May 2006

What a wonderful knitting bag I just got!!

June 2006

An update to the store today including sock yarn kits!

July 2006

I’ve created a gallery of the majority of the colourways I’ve done so far for the Zen Yarn Garden store!

August 2006

Dyed specifically for my Dye-O-Rama prize winner Lynne of Tangled and Warped.

September 2006

In the shop today…a few cotton lycra blend sock yarns in some fun colourways.

October 2006

Do you think Meezer approves of a yarn being named after her?

November 2006

Working with Chris of Scotts Mountain Crafts, we have included her copper shawl pins with our yarns to complete the yarn package!

December 2006

Pull out your crochet hook…J to be exact…and crochet up a double-stranded scarf from silk/merino handdyed yarn!

Wow, I surely know what I’ve been up to most of the past year! Happy New Year everyone!

  1. A very nice wrap up and a grand year you had, too. May 2007 be full of joy and fibery goodness.

  2. That was really a cool way to wrap up the year!

  3. I wanted to do a year end wrap up but most of the ones I have seen are too complicated. I like this approach!! Thanks.

  4. Great Year, Here’s to another great one.

  5. The Meezer is sending her thanks for the “exposure!” She’s tickled (and so am I, Nana Sadie Rose!) for being showcased on your blog!
    Hmmm…gotta check out that very last photo – the colorway is divine! Happy New Year!

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