Moving Very Soon!

In Miscellaneous on January 19, 2007 at 12:06 pm

And look what I got as a going-away gift from my co-workers! Do they know me well or what? Could you ask for anything better? Knitting magazines and a decorating magazine to help me decorate the new house!

I’m excited to be moving to my new city but I will miss my office too! I kept saying all day on Thursday “it’s my last day, it’s my last day” and everyone thought, oh wow, she’s so happy to be leaving her job were we that bad? And truth is, no, it’s not that I’m leaving the job I had, it’s that I’m leaving the crazy commuting and moving to a more simple lifestyle! I had become somewhat settled after being at my new position for 5 months but the tired and the commuting are really what are pushing my DH and I to move…and he happened to get a promotion too so we just couldn’t turn it down!

A simpler lifestyle will be a welcome change for both of us and that’s what I’m excited about….I think they figured that out before I left for the day…LOL I told my boss she’s going to remember Roxanne, the kooky girl who was so silly…she agreed…LOL

  1. sometimes you just need a fresh start & a new way to look at things

  2. Where are you moving to????

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