By George, I Turned a Heel!

In Socks on February 13, 2007 at 12:58 pm

A sock heel that is! Every once in awhile I get intrigued by the yarns I’m dyeing…and just have to pluck one off the virtual shelf and try it out! This was one of those times. This is the merino/bamboo/nylon blend yarn in the Hawaiian Blue colourway. If you’d like to see the sock closer up, please click the photo to see it bigger.

I’m using the Savannah pattern written by Wildhorse Farm Designs with a slight alteration – I decided to make the leg a little shorter than called for just because I prefer not to have longggggggg socks…LOL

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before but I really should be test knitting the yarns I have been dyeing just so I can see for myself how the colours are knitting and the yarn is performing. But then again, I didn’t have time before and as we all know, time is always the factor when it comes to knitting. I’m so glad I moved – I have actually had the time to turn a heel!

  1. It’s beautiful!!!!

  2. Love the sock yarn. Love the sock.
    Keep it up, girl.

  3. Thanks guys…I’m having so much fun!

  4. congratulations on the heel. I just turned one this morning on the bus. wish I would have had my directions though. couldn’t remember some stuff and ended up winging it. it isn’t quite right but is it turned. hurray!

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