How much yarn is that?

In Contests, Dyeing on April 13, 2007 at 4:07 pm

I’m in the mood for a contest! I can’t show you the colour of these yarns because they are on their way to a sock yarn club (no, not mine!) and only the sock clubbers get to see soooooooo I thought, hey, let’s try to guess how much yarn is in there and whoever is closest in either pounds of yarn or skeins of yarn will win a free skein of merino/nylon sock yarn in the colour of their choice! If you already know how much it is (you know who you are! LOL) then please don’t participate.

I’ll close the contest on Monday, April 16th at noon and announce the winner. Go ahead and guess in a comment!

Will seing it bigger help? Click here!

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for playing…this was fun! I’ve announced the winners on my blog now – contest closed! Watch for more contests in the future.

  1. I say 40 skeins. 🙂

  2. Ok, my guess is……58 skeins.

  3. I’ll bite: 5 lbs?

  4. I guess 31 skeins

    Tried to do a rough guesstimate – from the small photo as my ISP is soooo slow at the moment. So I am probably wildly out 🙂

    I found my way over from The Blue Blog comments. I love blog surfing – a lovely way to waste an hour or three 🙂

  5. hmm, 42 skeins?

  6. i guess 45 pounds.
    i have no idea.

  7. You made it easier for me to guess, since I wasn’t distracted by all the pretty colors. 🙂 I guess 125 skeins of sock yarn.

  8. I would like to say Hello! and also put in a guess of 115 skeins in that large pile!! It looks so soft and inviting.

  9. My guess is 150 skeins. Wow, I’d love to have that in my stash, lol.

  10. I’m going to guess 66 skeins.

  11. I guess 57 skeins.

  12. I guess 83 skeins. Wish I could see the colors – they must be beautiful if they’re secret.

  13. I’m gonna guess 20 pounds, or 80 4oz skeins.

  14. I think it’s about 85 skeins. O.o That’s a LOT of yarn!

  15. I am guessing 68 skeins.

  16. 54 Skeins

  17. That’s a lot of yarn! I am going to say around 15 pounds. Happy knitting!

  18. I’m going to go with 58 skeins. I think. B&W pictures of yarn are so cruel btw!

  19. now that I take a second look I grossly underestimated. poo.

  20. 60 Skeins? That’s my guess… Thanks for the sock-yarn-opp!

  21. 50 skeins is my guess. I hope I’m right!

  22. my guess is an even 50 hanks.

  23. Mmm. Is it… 85 skeins?

    And also, WOW!

  24. hmm…. 73 skeins

  25. oooh found my way over from L&V. I’ll say 76 skeins!

  26. 100 skeins

  27. Also found my way over from L&V…I’ll go with 72 skeins.

  28. found my way from L&V too – my guess is 59 skeins

  29. 12 pounds.

    Unless you’re hiding a small child in there!

  30. I say it’s 140 skein

  31. I’m guessing 53 skeins!

  32. 63 skeins – Did you dare run and jump in that all that yarn like Fall leaves after taking the picutre???

  33. LOL @ Deana…not a bad idea but I’d have to remove it from the glass table top first…hard to see in B&W I know…LOL

  34. I’m going to guess 78 skeins or 25 pounds???????

  35. 74 skeins

  36. 92?
    I hope someday we can see the color photo.

  37. My guess is skeins, not pounds!

  38. I’ll guess 120 skeins

  39. My guess would be 66 hanks.
    A lot of yarn!!

  40. 54 skeins for my guess! 🙂

  41. I say 59 skeins. How much fun is this!!!!! What a ball… (ha ha)… or in this case… a skein or more.

  42. I’m also guessing 66 skeins!

  43. Ive never seen this many comments on here before *lol* – ok I guess 38 skeins.

  44. Hmmmm…I’m going to guess 130 skeins.

  45. My guess is 79. : )

  46. I’m going to guess 52 skeins! Does that make 26lbs?

  47. Definately guessing here…..48 skeins?

  48. I think … 47 skeins 🙂

  49. I am going with 63 skeins.

  50. 70 skeins…

  51. 75 skeins?

  52. 62 skeins is my guess.

  53. My guess is 95 four ounce skeins… Whatever the number is, that’s a lotta yarn!

  54. I’m going to say 100 skeins at about 100g/4.5 oz each which is 450 oz, 12757.9 g or 28.13lbs!

  55. I guess 69 skeins. Thank you.

  56. I was going to say 92, then I scrolled down, then I was going to say 95 and I scrolled down again, so NOW my guess is 94 skeins!

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