It’s Been a Whirlwind!

In Dyeing, Miscellaneous, Socks on June 29, 2007 at 9:21 am

My parents just left and this past week has been a whirlwind in a good way! I miss them terribly already and they just left but a few hours ago…funny how house guests can be a “pain” but when they’re gone, you just miss them for the longest…house seems to quiet without the hussle and bustle of Ma and Pa! And guess what?! They brought my spinning wheel too…yippee…but that’ll be in the next post…I feel a contest coming on to name her…LOL Can you believe they trucked it all the way from BC to Ontario? For those of us in Canada, you know just how long that is and for those of you who aren’t sure, think a 5 day road trip to get here! Phew, parents are phenomenal.

In other news, I managed some progress on my “Go with the Flow” socks (click photo to see larger) and also got invited to Ravelry.com. Please add me as a friend if you’re in there too and when you do get in! You can find me here. I can see how useful of a resource this will be for cataloguing and tracking projects, etc. I just wish there was some place for me to put all my yarn…guess I could just stash it for now….LOL

Oh, and I have a brand new yarn base that just came in that I’ll be offering very soon too. It’s a light DK weight and calls for a 3 mm needle. I haven’t seen a lot of it out there quite yet but I managed to find me some! If you want a hint, think down by the sea….the wonderful sea…..LOL

Alright, off to post about the spinning wheel and the contest and hope everyone’s doing well!

  1. I know I know I know the yarn :)………….

  2. That yarn is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Lindsay….shhhhhhh….LOL Thanks adrienne 🙂

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