I Love Long Weekends!

In Sock Yarn Club, Socks on September 1, 2007 at 10:33 am

Not only because we get Monday off (Happy Labour Day!) but because long weekends give me enough time to knit! I’m really excited about this new 3-ply fingering weight yarn base too. It’s an 80% superwash merino with a 20% nylon content and has a really nice squooshy-ness factor to it and dare I say even a bit of sheen? I do, on occasion, get excited about the yarn bases I use and this is one of them!

I knit the cuff (11 rows) and the first waving lace pattern (20 rows) in a day…I don’t usually do that! The colourway I haven’t named as it was an “oopsy” skein from the dyeing I was doing for the ART WALK Sock Yarn Club for September 1st so I couldn’t resist and cast on.

The pattern is Waving Lace Socks and can be found in Favorite Socks. Just maybe I’ll have one sock done before the weekend’s over! Look for this yarn base in some upcoming sock yarn kits in the next little while and speaking of yarn bases, we have another brand new one coming very soon that’s a 100% superwash merino and to up the squooshy-ness factor, is also a 3-ply! I can’t wait to get my hands on this one too – this was the yarn base I used to dye the yarn featured in the HARMONY Semi-Solid Sock Yarn Club‘s button.

Happy weekend everyone!

  1. Love the color – is my favourite. Does the nylon makes the sock stretchy?

  2. Thanks guys…actually Ann….I’m not sure if it’s the nylon or the lace pattern that’s making them springy but they are feeling springy too as I’m knitting them a bit more. It’s kind of interesting and I’ll have to see what they do after blocking/washing too.

  3. I like the color very much. Doesn’t look like an oops to me!
    Pretty pattern too!

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