More Sock Yarn Kits & Messie.etsy.com

In Dyeing, Sock Yarn Club on September 11, 2007 at 4:19 pm

We have a few more sock yarn kits in the store today!

I’m happy to announce a new partnership with Messie Craftie and Jessie who has provided us with sock yarn bags that are well-made, a great size and made from beautiful fabrics. And like the rest of the crafty girls I’m working with for sock yarn bags, provides us with a slightly different design. I so enjoy finding new sock yarn bags for everyone and I think each person I’ve worked with so far provides something slightly different from the other so hopefully you will find something you like! Take a moment to drop by Jessie’s store and check out what she has to offer – not only sock bags but also handmade purses, pouches, totes, etc. Thanks Jessie for such wonderful bags – I love them!

Also, off to Sonnyandshear.com are a bunch of yarns – check them out too! Kris and family just moved clear across the country from the west coast to the east coast. I hope that means the yarns will get there faster.

I am also gearing up for the start of our semi-solid sock yarn club and needless to say, I’m loving every minute of creating all these colours – stay tuned for more semi-solids in the store too!

  1. OH wow! They look so good! The yarns look AMAZING. You are so talented its ridiculous. Its been a pleasure. Truly.

  2. Might I just say that the rose/pink colorway there is STUNNING!

  3. Thanks guys…you’re both making me *blush*! 🙂

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