I’m Speechless

In Miscellaneous on September 19, 2007 at 8:45 am

I don’t know what to say but this is what I saw in Paypal this morning while printing off a shipping label:

When exactly was the last time the Canadian dollar was stronger than the US dollar? Does this mean I should be saying “Go Canada!“? LOL

  1. hehehe this means you all need to come shop US based shops. giggle.
    our economy NEEDS you. hahahahahaha

  2. Actually, there was one time in the mid-70s I remember, for a brief moment, the Canadian dollar was stronger than the American dollar. But then, you were probably either a twinkle in your mother’s eye or too young to care about the fluctuations of the currency market…
    What I have a problem with, is the price of yarn sold in stores still at a premium (yeah, I know, they bought months ago when the currency exchange was different), but mostly the huge discrepancy between the price of a book in US dollars versus Canadian dollars. Doesn’t encourage you to buy books this side of the border, does it?

  3. I’m glad now I priced everything in US dollars…makes it easier for me now that the dollar has changed so much. Of course if the dollar goes wayyyyyyyyyyyyy above the US dollar then I’ll have to rethink things….LOL

  4. I remember in the 70’s crossing the border & our $ being worth more (this was great to a kid looking for candy). It actually hit 99 cents before it backed off a bit.

  5. The Cdn $ isn’t stronger than the US dollar (yet).Just about at par but over .98 so it won’t be long!

  6. Well, when I have to pay extra in US dollars to get the CDN dollar equivalent in Paypal, to me, that’s “stronger”….LOL!

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