I Found Charlotte!

In Miscellaneous on September 20, 2007 at 7:40 am

Yup….that lovely or icky (or whatever adjective you want to put in front of it) creature has emerged outside my front door way up high above the door (thank goodness) and I know I should be “cool” about it but ugh…do you see how icky it looks? You all remember Charlotte’s Web right or am I dating myself? LOL This one doesn’t look so cutesy or fun or cartoony! Apparently it’s an orb-weaver of some type and harmless and is “good” because it eats other bugs and other spiders but seriously, ewwwwwww, I would prefer if Charlotte relocated!

I don’t remember this many spiders or spider types in Toronto…what’s up with SW Ontario? LOL!

On a “knitting note” though, wow, this spider spun himself/herself a wonderful looking web and it’s probably pure silk – talk about luxury spinning! Wonder if I could make yarn out of it? Ply a few strands together…LOL But then again, I’m sure s/he takes the spinning very seriously so that’d not be very nice of me and I should just admire it from afar.

If you’re not squeamish, you can click the photo to see him/her bigger!

  1. oh. my. GOSH. I think I almost screamed when the page loaded. I hope you have a zoom on your camera… ha ha. Whew. Close one.

  2. LOL! Although it is pretty, it is pretty from very very very far away…oh yes, that was maximum zoom on my camera….LOL!

  3. LOL! You are brave – I don’t care for them, but my head knows that some of them are good – brrrrr – gives me a chill!!

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