I Love Trades!

In Dyeing on November 5, 2007 at 12:34 pm

Trades are so much fun and it’s been awhile since I did one.  Check out that messenger bag!  How cool is that?  Not only is it custom made in terms of colour for what I like but it’s got lots of room to boot too!  And the little organizing spots on the front of it…how cool are those?  You can put all sizes of needles into them and they won’t fall out either!  It reminds me of a school bag with lots of little places to put stuff but specifically for knitting!  I love it!  Go check out Valerie’s shop…she can do custom bags too.

And what did I trade with her?  Some merino/SeaCell sock yarns of course!  The red one is called “Fire” and the brown/green one is “Chocolate Mint”….and I did them custom just for Valerie too.

I sooooooooo loveeeeeee trades!  My bag will fit so nicely over my shoulder too with everything in tote.  Love it!  Thanks Valerie.

  1. Ha! I saw those colourways today on Flickr! I was searching for Zen Yarn Garden yarns (hi, I’m a stalker) and came across those two and I got all puffed up. “How did I miss those!? Those weren’t in the shop!! I love them!! I wants them!!!” 🙂

  2. Hi stalker Alyson…how are you?? LOL! Which two colours do you like? The custom ones or the ones sticking out the bag? LOL Those two colours will be in the shop very soon…a couple of semi-solids.

  3. You are an enabler in the first degree!!!

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