Let’s Celebrate – It’s Contest Time!

In Contests on January 27, 2008 at 1:04 pm

I’m in the mood for a contest…how about you?  I’m sooooo happy to be finished this order that I think it’s time to give away a bit of free yarn!  I don’t know of a better way to celebrate than to have a contest!!  Yay free yarn!!!!  Let’s pass on the happy feeling.

All you have to do is guess how much yarn is in that pile!  Only one guess per person please and the first who gets it right will win – if we get multiple guesses that are the same I may do more than one winner but for now, the first to get the right answer will be the winner!  What do you get?  Easy – yarn!  LOL  And in any colourway you want…simple!  Guess away!

If you want to view another photo of the yarn or this photo a little larger, please visit my Flickr album by clicking here.

Contest closed.

  1. I suck at this type of stuff, but I am a sucker for free yarn! So I will take a whack at this and say there are 144 skeins. I was going to be all scientific and try counting, because it looked like a pyramid at first, but then it seemed like there was more hiding on the chair behind the table.

  2. Should I guess here? I’ll guess 250.

  3. All the yarn is pictured right here on the table and thanks Kim – this is the place to guess!

  4. I’m going to guess 170.

  5. I’m going for 185…

  6. My gues is 365 skeins.

  7. I’m gonna say 167. Eek! That’s a LOT of yarn!

  8. I say 126 skeins totaling about 56,700 yards……..that’s my guess……….LOL

  9. 310 skeins of yarn

  10. I think there are 400

  11. I’m going to guess 425.

  12. I say 200…(fingers crossed)

  13. I’d say 156.

  14. I’m going with 300, because yarn is squishy!

  15. That is a lot of yarn!!
    I am going to guess 365.

  16. 386 skeins!

  17. It’s sooo pretty! I’m guessing 150 skeins @ 67,500 yards total?? Wow that’s a lot of yarn.

  18. I am most likely going a little (or a lot!) over but how about an even 500 skeins.

  19. 150 skeins @ 67500 yds. That picture makes me drool 🙂

  20. Hmmm… I’m guessing 190? Lovely pile of goodness 🙂

  21. 275 skeins?

  22. I think 175

  23. My back of the envelope guess is 276.

  24. I’ll guess 112.

  25. I guess 248!

  26. My totally wild guess is 280

  27. I’m going to guess 225 — thanks for the contest!

  28. I’m guessing 872.

  29. I’ll go for a gross: 144. 🙂

  30. My guess in 149.

  31. my guess is 198. Regardless of the actual number that is an wonderful amount of yarn!!!!:)

  32. Count me in with the very scientific estimate of 165.

    Are they all the same color? Just wondering.

  33. Yes, they are all the same colourway – well, with slight variations of course with handpainting but yes, all the same colour! 🙂

  34. 130 is my guess.

    fingers crossed

  35. oh I saw someone already said 300 so I say 301.

  36. I am going to try w/ 172 🙂 its sooo hard to tell

  37. My guess is 179.

  38. my guess, 166.

    wow, now that’s a lot’a yarn.

  39. I guess 159

  40. Oooh, pretty picture! My guess is 210. : )

  41. 129

    Is it all cashmere?

  42. Mary…I love that idea but sadly, it isn’t! Could you imagine a pile that big of cashmere? I’d definitely have to roll around in it a little 😉

  43. I guess 128 skeins.

  44. I’m going to guess 240!

  45. My previous guess was taken, so I’m gonna go up a little bit: 227

  46. well, my original thought was 150 but someone has said that so I’ll add in my margin of error and say 155!

  47. I’m going to guess that there are 170 skeins of yarn in that whack of yarn.


  48. I’m going to err lower than the other guesses and say 86.

    I feel like I’m on the Price is Right…

  49. Wowsers! I’m going to guess 282 skeins.

    Would love to see the colour picture, once the contest is over.

  50. I’m guessing 320.

  51. My guess is 125 skeins!

  52. I think there are 169 skeins of yarn in the picture. Good grief that is a lot of yarn!! Great contest!

  53. My guess is 206.

  54. Wow! Look at that gorgeous pile of yarn. I guess 237 skeins.

  55. I think 146 skeins…. That’s a whole lot yarn!

  56. I’m going with 209.

  57. My guess is 162 skeins of yumminess!

  58. 389

    That’s a lot of yarn!

  59. I think there are 90 skeins in there.

  60. I’m going with 190 skeins of lovely, lovely yarn.

  61. 243?? Sounds like such a nice number.

    And thanks for the gorgeous photo of all that yarn! Definitely faint-inducing to think of all the work that went into that.

  62. My guess is 303 skeins. (I just want to dive in and bury myself in it – mmm!)

  63. I was going to go with 400 but since that’s taken, I’ll try 404

  64. Hmmm…. how about 135 skeins?
    Thanks for the contest!

  65. Holy moly! I’ll go with 154

  66. I’m guessing 175.

  67. I’ll guess 256

  68. I’m guessing 135.

  69. i am going to guess 270, i kind of peeked and did not see that guess so far so hope it was not guessed already! What a pile!

  70. Wow that is a lot of yarn. My guess is 182. 🙂

  71. I’ll guess 192.

  72. Ooooh – I want to win. I’ll guess 124

  73. Wowie – fabulous. If it’s taking up too much space you could ship it over to me 🙂

    I’ll guess 122 for no particular reason except that no one else has guess it yet.

  74. Hmmm…I’ll guess 160

  75. 149?

  76. Hmmm – 114.

  77. How’s about 123? I think that’s still unguessed.

    Looks great!

  78. I think 180 – there an humungous lot there – but I don’t think it’s over 200 skeins (tricky!)

  79. I’ll go for 174!

  80. I’m gonna say 163 skeins!

  81. I think there’s 211 skeins

  82. I’m gonna say 136!

  83. Thanks for the contest! My guess is 192.

  84. My guess is 222 skeins.

  85. Ooh I guess 352 skeins.

  86. Nice pile o’ fiber. I guess 107 skeins.

  87. I’ll guess 123!

  88. i’m guessing 144

  89. I’ll got for 302….. Love that pile!!!!

  90. Most of the guesses are quite a bit higher than what I first decided on, but I’ll go with it anyway: 96 skeins.

  91. 385? Seemed like a well rounded number…despite it is an odd one…

  92. I’d say 183 😉

  93. I’m guessing 242 skeins

  94. I’m guessing 323 skeins 🙂

  95. i would say 164.


  96. I’m saying 1600 skeins (I know this is a silly amount but my 10 yo son said, “Mom, it’s about one thousand 6 hundred things of yarn… don’t you see it?”).

  97. 158? Bueller? Bueller?

  98. I’ll say 221…WOW!

  99. I’ll go with triple 2s, 222.

  100. wow! what a lovely wall of yarn!! 😀 my guess is 204 skeins!

  101. I’m uneducated guess is 176. *crosses fingers* 😉

  102. Guessing 286!

  103. I’m going to say 156. That’s a beautiful mountain of yarn.

  104. My guess: 181.
    Great pics!

  105. 333. Love your yarns!

  106. My guess is 128, but since that one is already taken my next guess is 127.
    That’s a LOT of yarn!!!!

  107. I’d say: 281 !
    Greetings from Germany

  108. I´m guessing 172!

  109. I think there are 267 skeins piled up. Am curious about the colour 🙂

  110. Nice pile o’yarn! I think 212 skeins

  111. My guess 120… just a weeks knitting then!!

  112. I believe it is 120. I believe, I do, I do, I do!

  113. I’m thinking 311

  114. I think it’s 324

  115. I am guessing 370.

  116. I’d say 213. We don’t even get to see that much yarn in any of the shops out here!!!!!

  117. 178 ……………..One hundred seventy eight.

    I think Im right!

  118. My guess is 186

  119. Oh my, when the contest over I’d love too see all that in color! Yum…Me! I’m going to guess 243

  120. I guess 171.

  121. I’ll guess 227 skeins.

  122. looks like enough yarn to roll in 🙂 How about 296 skeins?

  123. I’m going to guess 170. Just looking at that mound of yarn makes me want to dive into it and squish away!

  124. My guess is 135

    ::Crossing fingers::

  125. that’s a lot of yarn. i am going to guess 129 skeins

  126. Let’s hope there is 122 skeins. Could you please say there’s 122 skeins?

  127. I’m going to say 214 ’cause my guesses were already taken.

  128. I just joined today and including me….I will say 394. My knitting needles are crossed…

  129. I’m going to take a wild guess and say 297.

  130. I’ll guess 152.

  131. 288 nice round number
    Beautiful yarn!

  132. 278 seems like a good number

  133. I say 305.

  134. My guess is way off from these others. I’m going with 87.

  135. Mmmm… pretty! My guess is 148.

  136. How about 165 skeins?

  137. 195- by my poor calculations =)

  138. OOps I had my blog page wrong! So I’m adding it here. Sorry

  139. My guess is 265 Wow

  140. 111–just a guess!

  141. Looks like 165 to me! I’m weeniegirl on Rav.

  142. I’m going to guess 257. What a beautiful bunch of yarn!

  143. Through a highly scientific process (and because no one has taken this number yet) I’m guessing 216

  144. My guess 177. Fun contest

  145. My nerdy calculations yielded 130, but I don’t know how much I trust it.

    Anyway, I’m going for 130. One time I won a jar of jellybeans at school for guessing the right #, maybe I’ll get lucky here.

  146. My guess is 205.

  147. hmm…tricky to tell! lets try 123.

  148. Oh such yummy yarns…….my guess is going to be 152…
    Good Luck everyone…(you have been VERY busy)

  149. I am going to guess 188 skeins. I hope I win….who can’t use Free yarn. 🙂

  150. Hmm, 427 skeins….

  151. can i change my answer from 129 to 178? i made a math boo-boo in my head. thank you

  152. I”m guessing 145

  153. I guess 138… that is an impressive amount of yarn!!! 🙂 Sweeeet!

  154. wow! congrats! i love the olive oyl color BTW

    most of my guesses are already guessed (135, 130, 140 lol)

    so i guess: 132

  155. My guess is 275

  156. hi, Just found you through ravelry. I’ll guess 90.

  157. I think that is there is just enough!

    I sent out 35 lbs of fiber to be spun and I can’t wait to get it back and see how big a pile I have.

    My offiial guess is going to be …hmmm…so hard to decide…143.

    I am llamalady on Ravelry, if I win, you can contact me there.

  158. I’m going to guess…um….141

  159. An awful lot, does that count as a guess?

    Ok, let’s say 185.

  160. I hope it’s 165!

  161. I don’t think anyone has said it yet so I’ll say, 151

  162. 99 (skeins of yarn on a bed, 99 skeins of yarn, take one down, pass it around… sorry- thats bad!)

  163. Wow! 156 skeins

    I want to dive in the pile!

  164. I’m going to guess 203, since my first two choices were taken. =)

  165. I will guess 184

  166. I’m going to guess 182

  167. My guess is 267. I have my notes if you want the math…heh…I thought about rounding and decided not to..(fingers crossed….how does one knit with fingers crossed…?)

  168. My guess is 168.

  169. My guess is 218!

  170. I am guessing 230.I hope I am close!

  171. Hi!! I’m guessing 120. Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  172. I guess 223 skeins

  173. There’s 323 skeins.

  174. I’ll guess…169. It’s a nice square number.

  175. Hmmmm. I would have to say 140 skeins. That is a lot of yarn! and a lot of work!

  176. My guess is 153, and I wish it was at my house! 🙂

  177. My guess is 193 – I was pleased no one else guessed that!

  178. My guess is 100 even. A lovely pile of yarn no matter how many skeins there are 🙂

  179. Hmmmm…. I scrolled through, and I don’t think anyone guessed 191 yet, so I’ll go with that.

  180. I am guessing 200 skiens!

  181. 144 skeins of beautiful even in black and white yarn!

  182. Hmmmmm, after careful calculations, I am going to guess: 118!

  183. I would guess there are 153 skeins of yarn – thanks for a fun contest!

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