I Love Trades!

In Miscellaneous on March 9, 2008 at 11:18 am

Why do I love trades so much?  Because I always feel like I’m the winner each time I do them!  Look at this fabulous boxy bag I just got from my fellow SnBer Cathy from ZigZagStitches!  Her bags are adorable, well-made and hold your project with lots of room left over!  Not only that, she has some wonderful fabrics to choose from and hey, I’d love it if you went and supported one of my local girls from my SnB!  I am so loving our meetings!  When I was in Toronto I just never had the time for any SnB meetings but now that I’ve been to two in my local area, I am hooked!  How fun it is to talk knitting and ooh and ahh over everyone’s projects!  I love it!  Life has been busy and I just haven’t had the chance to blog much but I had to tell you all about Cathy’s bags – go get one – you will not be disappointed!! 🙂

  1. I agree that the bag is fabulous & I love it. I bought one for Helen for Christmas & of course, an extra one for myself.

  2. The bag is super cute!

  3. I love your bag and couldn’t agree more about how well made they are. I’ve bought 2 so far and love them both. I’m also quite fond of her needle rolls and have one that matches one bag.

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