Socktopia Lupus Fundraiser

In Lupus Fundraiser on March 11, 2008 at 9:06 am

In conjunction with Socktopia, I’m pleased to announce a fundraiser currently being held for the Lupus Foundation of America.  For every yarn sold, $5 will be donated to the Lupus Foundation

For those of you who knew Momma Monkey (Gigi Silva) online, she was the founder of Socktopia and was the creative spirit behind all the fabulous sock patterns she wrote and offered for free.  Not long ago Gigi lost her battle with Lupus so in her memory, I have come up with a commemorative colourway in her name – purple being the colour of Lupus awareness and orange being Gigi’s favourite colour.  It was such a sad day when we lost such a creative person from our knitting community and I’m happy to help in anyway I can.  Hopefully the dollars donated to Lupus research will help those who currently have Lupus win their battle against this disease so if you can donate, please do so and thank you for your generosity!

UPDATE:  March 12, 2008 – I’m really pleased to let everyone know that all the yarn has now been sold and I have been able to donate $150 to the Lupus Foundation in the name of all the generous knitters who didn’t hesitate to show their support!  If you’d like to read the letter I received from the Foundation, please click here.  I’m beyond touched by everyone’s support and although I’m really sad that Gigi left us too soon, you guys just amaze me!  I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations and hopefully you will remember Gigi with every stitch of your yarn!  I think I’ll go and cry a little…you guys are just so awesome!  Thank you for a wonderful end to the day.

  1. Just bought mine, and will put this out there on my blog! As another person with SLE, I know this disease only too well, Gigi was a good person. And so are you for doing this!

  2. Thank you Sallee – you’re the best 🙂

  3. This is both a great thing to do and a lovely colourway!

  4. Great colorway and really awesome thing of you to do. 🙂

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