Robyn’s Gold & Athena

In Dyeing on April 24, 2008 at 4:50 pm

A couple of months ago, when Robyn and I got together to come up with an exclusive colourway for her April sock club, I was excited to help her with designing something unique for her clubbers.  I tossed a lot about a colourway and we both landed on developing something that would be reminiscent of her colours in her store welcome page (particularly the colours of the robin) and that’s when the Robyn’s Gold colourway was born! 

Then a skein went off to Michelle to design a sock pattern and I patiently waited to see how the colourway was going to knit up into a pattern.  Let me tell ya – it’s never easy to sit back and wait for a pattern to be developed – I prefer to see the colourway knit up immediately so I can see if it works or not for the pattern…LOL  Michelle really didn’t disappoint with her Athena pattern either – what a wonderful pattern to compliment the colourway! 

I was so pleased and it was wonderful to work with Robyn and Michelle on this project.  I hope everyone who did get the package is enjoying the pattern and yarn!

  1. Gorgeous! I wish I’d signed up…

  2. I love the colorway and the sock design I wish I would have signed up but you can’t join every club. Darn. The group effort was well worth all the effort and time.

  3. Thanks guys! Robyn, Michelle and I were really pleased with the final results too 🙂

  4. I love the design!

  5. wow that is absolutely gorgeous!!!! beautiful color and design!

  6. It was a great sock kit! Way to go to us!

  7. What a fabulous combo! Swoooon!

  8. Hey Robyn…you betcha! Thanks Jessie 🙂

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