Isn’t she beautiful?

In Spinning on August 24, 2008 at 11:46 am

I spend so much time buying yarn for the business that I very rarely treat myself to anything so I thought it was time I changed that!  Isn’t she gorgeous?  

I sure do love the design of the Louet wheels…sturdy, easy to put together and the DT helps with the treadling a lot!  She’s a Julia model and since I think she does look like a Julia I am keeping that name for her!  

DH helped me put her together and it was super easy to do and Louet even included a screwdriver which I thought was totally cool – no searching for the tools you need in your DH’s toolbox!  

And another funny story about her – I was showing my DH how she spins and he looks at me and says “isn’t it spinning a bit fast for you to start?” and I said “huh?” and he said “adjust it to the higher groove and it should spin slower, don’t you want it to spin slower?” so I did and voila, it spins slower!  I hope this helps me with my overspinning.  It was very cute though…I said to him “see, this is why men should spin too – you guys think more mechanically than we do” and he rolled his eyes and did a “whatever”…LOL  

Anyways, she’s gorgeous and I love her and I hope to be spinning lovely yarns on her after some practice!  So tell me, do you spin too and just how obsessed will I be??

  1. Awesome! I have a Victoria, and had I known the Julia was coming, I think I would have waited. You’re going to have so much fun!

  2. She’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see the yarn you produce.

  3. Yes I spin too. I have a Kromski Sonata that I really like. You will probably be obsessed soon. I still have trouble with overspinning I have only been spinning about six months. The trick is practice, practice, practice.

  4. Awesome! I love the two new Louets that are out– Julia is just so beautiful and modern.

  5. Your life will never be the same. In a good way.

  6. Congrats! on getting yourself a wheel! It’s a beauty:) Hope to see how you and Julia are getting along (on Ravelry). I love how your dh figured out the wheel – he really ought to try spinning!

  7. Thanks everyone…I’m so beyond excited to have Julia…she’s so fun! I told my DH to try spinning but he refuses…men! LOL If he can “figure it out” just by looking at the wheel, he ought to give it a whirl but noooooo…LOL

  8. I am just re-learning to spin after a 10 year haitus. It is addictive. No better way to relax and let go. Your first skein is lovely. I still have mine, somewhere anyway so that for awhile, I could see my progress. Maybe I should work hard at finding it so I can see how I’m doing again. Much luck in this venture!

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  10. Hi, I’m just learning to spin. I’m totally addicted….and would like to go on a spinning holiday. Can someone recommend a website or a place to go so that I can learn more? I’m in Scotland. Cheers, Yazzie

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