In Dyeing on October 21, 2008 at 2:14 pm

Apparently the spinning bug has hit pretty hard because I’m now dyeing more roving too!  I plan on offering as many different kinds of roving as I can muster in between dyeing yarn.  

From what I’m reading online and in Ravelry, spinning is becoming more and more popular amongst knitters so I am hoping people will find a lot of joy spinning up the fibres I dye as well.  

So far I have dyed up superwash BFL, superwash merino/nylon and plan on having 100% merino, alpaca/merino and alpaca/merino/silk in the shop in the coming weeks.  Watch for them!  

What I have dyed so far is currently available in my Etsy store if you’d like to take a look!  Thanks everyone and happy spinning!

  1. Yay! Bring on the spinning!

  2. Thanks Katie…you know it! 🙂

  3. Ooooo, yum!

    Time to save save save! XD

  4. Those are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful! And congrats about the front page of etsy– I saw a braid of yours there yesterday in a beautiful treasury.

  6. Thanks aija! Talk about a nice surprise with the Etsy front page 🙂

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