The Letter T

In Miscellaneous on January 27, 2009 at 11:01 am

My good friend Natalie, over at The Yarn Yard had a wonderful post today about the Letter C so I asked her to send me a letter to blog about and here we are – the Letter T….LOL  Now I must list 10 things I like/love that start with the letter T.  If you’d like to participate, leave me a comment and I’ll randomly send along a letter for you to blog with!

Here goes:

1.  Toronto – it’s the largest city here in Canada and I’ve had the pleasure of living there when I first got married and also visiting when I was first being courted by my DH.  It offers anything you could possibly want and more!  The most memorable location for me?  The CN Tower.  Why?  It’s where my DH took me for dinner the first time we met…awwwwwww…and it was so romantic.  Wonderful company, delicious dinner and who would’ve thought we’d have gotten married?  Okay, secretly I knew we had a future even then but I don’t think he knew it!  LOL

2.  Twitter – I just signed up and what a fun little program this is!  It’s an easy stream of consciousness kind of updating blog where you just type about what you are doing throughout the day.  Fun stuff!

3.  Technology – where would we be without it?  My entire day and yarn business revolves around computers, digital cameras, etc.  I remember the days when computers took up an entire room – look how far we’ve come and don’t remind me how old I am!  LOL  

4.  Texture – how would life be without texture around us?  From the knitted item that has a wonderful texture to the yarn that feels oh-so-soft to the feel of your loved one’s cheek – just imagine how life would be without texture in it.  Everything around you possesses this trait – take a look around you and let me know what doesn’t have texture!

5.  Trolley – this word makes me giggle and you’ll never guess why!  My DH was born in Jamaica and their English is very British-based so everytime we go to the grocery store, he always says “get a trolley”.  Well, when I first met him, I looked at him and said “a what?” and he repeated it again “a trolley” and I said “what’s a trolley?” and he said “the thing you push your groceries in” and I said “oh, you mean a shopping cart” and he said “ya, a trolley”…LOL!  Even today I still giggle when he says “trolley”.  You definitely have to love the nuances of the English language – it’s not like he was speaking another language…LOL

6.  Time – because when you are young, you believe you have an infinite supply and when you get older, you learn that time is precious and to live in the moment.  Time has an uncanny ability to heal – do you remember when you broke up with the first love of your life or  your childhood pet passed away?  Remember how sad that time of your life was?  Now that time has passed, how do you feel?  Yes, see!  Time heals.  And when someone says “this too shall pass”what they really mean is that with the passage of time, whatever you are dealing with now will soon be a distant memory.

7.  Tunes – where would life be without a little music in it?  It makes us happy, it makes us nostalgic, it reminds us of a past loved one, it gives us energy.  I listen to tunes everyday…do you?

8.  Trust – it’s the binding word of relationships.  Without it, what do you have?  It’s a powerful word with a lot of meaning!  I like to surround myself with people that I can trust!  It makes life a lot easier.

9.  Theatre – one word I wish I had more time to indulge!  I remember going to the theatre for the very first time and being mesmerized.  Now if I could only talk my DH into going and enriching his life too!  LOL

10.  Talk – it’s what binds us as human beings.  Being able to talk and express our feelings or just to simply find out directions from someone or to just say hello does define our human existence.  Or how about listening to talk radio?  It’s all about listening to the spoken word and enriching our lives with it.  

So there you go!  My 10 T words that I love!  And in the interest of #6, I must get back to my dye pots…LOL  If you want to play along, leave me a comment and I’ll send you a letter to randomly write about!  This was fun!  Have a great day everyone.

  1. I got the letter M. such fun.

  2. Oh, how fun! I’ll take a letter. Just leave a comment on my blog about it, http://brookberrys.blogspot.com

  3. Cool Ruth! It is fun…really made me think….LOL

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