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In Contests on February 13, 2009 at 10:40 am

It has quite literally been ages since I held a contest so it’s high time I did again!  And what better way then to celebrate the finish of a large order?!  I have been uber busy the past few weeks with this order and I’m so pleased it’s finished.  Finishing is a bit surreal really – putting that last label on and packaging it all up is a huge relief but it also makes me happy as these yarns will soon be winging their way into the arms of many knitters.  Of course I can’t reveal the actual colourway until later and once they have been mailed.  That would spoil the surprise so for now, they are all in grayscale just to tease everyone a little…LOL

So now, onto the fun part – the contest!  It’s a simple one – guess how many skeins are in the yarn pile in the photo by leaving a comment and if you guess the right number, you win a skein of sock yarn in a surprise colourway!  I will take the first correct guess as the winner and one guess per comment please.  Contest closes on Sunday, February 15, 2009 at midnight.  If you’d like to see more photos of the yarns, please click here.  The last 3 grayscale photos are the photos you want to look at.

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Happy Friday everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend.

UPDATE:  Contest is now closed and although the number wasn’t guessed exactly, I’ll be announcing the person who is closest during the day on Monday.  Thanks everyone for playing – it was fun watching all the guesses come in!

  1. I’ll take a guess-131 skeins. Thanks for the contest.

  2. 240 skeins.
    Whatever it is, it’s a BIG PILE!

  3. I’m going with 180. 🙂

  4. I’ll say 482. Either way, that’s a LOT of yarn!

  5. I’ll try my luck with 210 skeins 🙂

  6. Lots and lots of yarn but no roving is my guess. Is this the India order?

  7. I’m going to guess higher – maybe 400?

  8. No, this isn’t going to India Mia…the shipping would be more than the yarn…LOL

  9. ooo, i want to dive in!! i guess 340.

  10. Wow! That is alot of yarn. My guess is 550.

  11. I am going to guess 487 skeins of yarn!! That is a lot of yarn, congrats on finishing it up, it must feel good to get it done!

  12. I’ll guess 311.

  13. I’m gonna guess 160. Whatever it is, that’s a HUGE pile of yarn!

  14. Woohoo…thanks for all the guesses so far everyone!

  15. 300 is my guess. thanks for the contest!

  16. Wow! I’ll guess 502 skeins.

  17. I’ll guess an even 250 skeins. That’s a big job!

  18. My goodness that’s a lot of yarn. I’m guessing 234.

  19. Can’t wait to see it in color. I’ll guess 290 since my birthday is Feb 9.

  20. I think it is about 419. Lots and yarn…my goodness.

  21. I love contests! I will guess 209.

  22. Yikes … you’re a busy girl! I’m going to guess 352. Can’t wait to find out the colour!

  23. That’s a lotta yarn! I’m guessing 355.

  24. I’m going to guess 140 skeins. Wow, that’s a stunning pile!

  25. How about 324? Ravelry name MamaMay.

  26. I’ll go for 225 fabulous skeins!

  27. I’d say 435 skeins. Looks like my stash closet. 🙂

  28. My guess is 384!

  29. I’m going to guess 438 beautifuls skeins of yarn. I’d certainly be pooped after all that work! How are you holding up?

  30. This order did totally exhaust me but it was an interesting exercise in efficiency too. I need to be more efficient! Thought I was, not so much…LOL

  31. My guess is 576 gorgeous skeins of yarn,which is just a wild guess, but it popped into my mind while was thinking of the pile of yarn, so I’m going with it, as there’s no way to actually try to count them.

  32. Good work on that much yarn! My guess is 350.

  33. Interesting what a spread in guess there are. Are you going to tell us if someone gets it exactly already so we stop guessing, or are you just curious to see the variation too.

    My guess is 275 lovelies

  34. I won’t close anything until Sunday and no hints yet…LOL! Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  35. What a wonderful pile! I am going to guess 527!

  36. I’m gonna guess 520…based on wild estimation of your pictures!

  37. 372 Is my guess… that is a serious amount of yarn!~ O.o

  38. hmmmmmmmm…..230?

  39. I’m going to guess 325!

  40. Tough to guess – I’ll try 200 exactly since no one else has claimed it.

  41. I will guess 358. That is a lot of yarn. I am drooling!

  42. I’m guessing 362 ??????????????? probably a lot more than that..

  43. Like I have a clue?

    Most of my most meaningful guesses were already guessed to I’ll just go with a random 341

  44. My guess is 327. 🙂

  45. I’m guessing 216.

    That’s a lot of yarn!

  46. geez, i thought my stash was big. do you have an armed guard on the yarn?

    430 skeins.

  47. Wow! I’m gobsmacked. I’m going to go with 424 skeins.

  48. 345 skeins!

  49. Wow. I’m guessing 195.

  50. I’m guessing 270.

  51. I’ll guess 389. Lots!

  52. My guess is 200.

  53. Hee hee…I’m loving watching all the numbers coming in…keep it comin’ guys! We have such a variation too…love it! 🙂

  54. Would that be about 123 lbs of yarn.

    Whatever it’s a lot of yarn

  55. I’m guessing 287.

  56. I will guess 205 .Hugs darcy

  57. I’m going to guess 124 skeins.

  58. I’m going to guess 264!

  59. It doesn’t look like anyone’s guessed 312 so that’s my pick.

  60. That sure is a lot of grogeous fiber therapy there…MY guess will be 410 skeins of yarn are there….
    Thanks for the chance to win some…

  61. I’m going to guess 397 – a very mystical number. At least I’m mystified as to why I picked it. Congrats on finishing such a major chore.

  62. My guess is 368 skeins of yarn. Fun!

  63. My guess is 248.

  64. My guess is 187

  65. Ok I’m the oddball who’s guessing weight: 72 pounds.

  66. 193? Thanks for the fabulous yarn also:)

  67. I’m guessing 376

  68. My guess is 350. Ravelry name ElectricSheep 🙂

  69. I see there already is a 350 guess… changing my guess to 500, please 🙂

  70. I think it’s 437. Thank you for hosting!

  71. Okay…I’m going to guess 550.

  72. Fun contest! Let’s see…I’ll guess 323

  73. We’ve had a couple of really close guesses so far but nobody’s landed on the exact # yet – keep the guesses coming!

  74. I’ll try again, 403.

  75. I am Jenn-Knitty on Ravelry…I prefer to crochet…but Hooker-Jenn didn’t seem right…lol…anyways my guess is 362….thanks for the contest…your yarn is beautiful…I seen some today at the Coffee Culture…

  76. My guess is 472 skeins. I agree with everyone else… that is a lot of yarn and a really big job!!! Congrats on getting it done.

  77. I say 552 skeins of lovely yarn.

  78. Whoa… I have never seen so much yarn in one place!!!

    I think I’ll guess 230 skeins. Congrats on getting so much done!

  79. Okay, I change my guess to 296…and the suspense is killing me!

  80. I am going to guess 424 skeins. Amazing work!!

  81. That is an intense pile! My guess is 282 skeins.

  82. 245? That’s a lot of yarn! sicilianbuttercup on Ravelry

  83. Can I change to 298? This is definitely it. I’m positive. Final answer. Really. 🙂 Yikes – what a pile!

  84. So, here is my comment regarding the yarn on the table. My number seems high but so is that stack of yarn. My guess is 436 skeins of yarn on that table. I will be checking on Monday to see what the actual count was.

  85. 243 is my guess. No one else has suggested that number so why not? Good luck everyone!

  86. 497 — give or take! 😉

    thanks for the fun contest!


  87. I’ll say 214. I am LaVerna on Ravelry.

  88. I’m going to guess 326. What an amazing job! (I’m thekatiest on Ravelry)

  89. 363 skeins.

  90. How about 310?

  91. I’m guessing 350.

  92. A metric ton?!? Ok, my guess is 444.

  93. Wow, thanks everyone for playing along! Nobody guessed exactly on the number so I’ll take the closest one. I’ll be announcing the winner during the day on Monday.

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